3d printing and multimedia installation, 2014

The multimedia installation "Shapes of time” is a reference to fossils, which in my work appear as a body shape imprinted in the material layer of clothes. It is the first artistic work in Poland to utilize the 3D printing technology in order to create human-sized 3D spatial objects (height of 3D sculptures: 148 cm, 120 cm, 60 cm), printed after the characters that were hand-modeled in a 3D environment. The 3D prints are accompanied by the video projections imitating mirror images. Animations are combined with the recording of steaming water, which emphasizes the spiritual aspect and the transience of life.

Important Honors:
- The Best Master of Arts Degree (Multimedia Design Studio - Supervisor prof. Stanisław Sasak), Department of Media Arts at Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Wrocław, 2014