multimedia installation (2012) & video art (2013)

Frame of reference, multimedia installation, size: 2 frames x 200 cm x 75 cm x 6 cm

This work was inspired by the mythological ritual of cutting a moribund person’s hair, performed by Thanatos – the priest of the dead. Hair, subjected to authorial reinterpretation, became the essence of the problem raised in the context of human transience. The cutting of hair was replaced by a ritual combing, thus emphasizing the biological process of exchange, in which nature interweaves the threads of life and death. The installation is simultaneously universal and personal as it represents a generational portrait of the artist, juxtaposing her self-image with her grandmother’s face. The installation consists of two wooden structures resembling door frames (fitted with polyester strings to imitate natural hair) that act as the symbolic „time machine”.

Important Honors:

The 2012 Award for the Best Bachelor’s Diploma Work (Multimedia Design Studio, Supervisor prof. Stanislaw Sasak) from the Department of Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław:


- Installation was nominated for the Art Noble Festival of Stars and was presented in Final of ART Travel
  Hestia Competition in Warsaw (Poland)


Frame of reference. Documentation as a work of art, multimedia installation, size: 2 frames x 200 cm x 75 cm x 6 cm

Film "Frame of Reference. Documentation as a work of art" was based on my own spatial art work – a multimedia installation (Best Undergraduate Diploma 2012 of ASP in Wroclaw) called "Frame of Reference". The film uses the same conceptual basis as the aforementioned installation. It alludes to the motif of evanescence, shown using two constructions against which characters combing long hair are being displayed (juxtaposition of youth and old age – a cross-generational and genetic connection, my grandmother's and mine). The curtain-like passageways, imitating natural hair, serve here also as an interactive element and allow the viewer to undertake a symbolic time travel. The motif of hair told as a story about evanescence refers to biological processes and mythological contexts, specifically the myth of Thanatos – the Priest of the Dead, who used a golden knife to cut off hair thus bringing death upon people, as well as classic figures of the Fates, who spin the thread of human life – not unlike the polyester strings used in this installation.


Important Awards and Honors:


- “Iron Filmmaker” for The Best Video Art on 18th International Film Festival
  ZOOM –Zbliżenia, Jelenia Góra, (Poland)


- Honorable mention in the category of Experiment on VIII International Film Festival "The Door",


- Award in the category "Image and Sound – artistic presentation during the International Festival
  of Artistic Film "On the timeline" in Lublin, (Poland)


- Third Award in TVP KULTURA competition “Creative Valey”, Warsaw, (Poland)

- Honorable mention in Toruń on the VI National Drawing Exhibition "Yes and Yes"